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Always rinse in cold water, never soak, dry in shade, avoid rough surfaces, and wash in soapy water to remove dirt & oils.

Drip dry out of sunlight. Do not use bleach, strong detergent, iron, tumble dry, wring, or leave rolled up wet.


Bottoms: All our bottoms are engineered to eliminate that "muffin top" effect when the appropriate size is purchased according the to fit guides below. It's our philosophy that if you feel comfortable with how your suit fits you in the waist without it cutting in on you then you can get away with, and feel comfortable with a more defined cut on your backside. Regardless of your shape or size more coverage doesn't always equal more flattering. Trust us and try on a pair even if you've never tried that cut before, you'll be glad you did!


Tops: The Newport Triangle Top is an engineered cut specially designed to create a flattering fit. This may cause the triangle to look smaller than what you're use to but when you put it on you'll find that all the necessary parts are covered. If you prefer a fuller coverage then we suggest to order up a size.


One Piece: The best way to size the one piece is starting from the fit guide and then going up or down a size if you have a longer or shorter torso. This is the opposite to how the tops are sized which is by breast cup size. If you are a C cup with a longer torso then order and L-XL while a C cup with a shorter torso will fit in a size small.


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