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  • Heather Schantz, Creative Director


EMPOWERED WOMEN, EMPOWER WOMEN. We love bikinis at Anve Swimwear but that doesn't mean it has to come at the cost of the environment and basic human rights. We all have choices with our purchases and we believe there's nothing better than wearing empowering clothes, made by empowered people.

This week is Fashion Revolution Week April 23-29th, 2018 and we want to take this opportunity to tell you about WHO MADE YOUR SWIMSUITS! The reality today is that 80% of garment workers around the world are women. Many are subject to exploration, verbal and physical abuse, working in unsafe conditions, and to add insult to injury they are generally paid very little. With every dollar we spend we are casting a vote each time on whether or not this current reality should be allowed to continue. But it can change. If enough of us show the industry that we want it to!

At Anve we have a saying that ethics and sustainability are not a "nice to have" but a NEED to have. We believe in transparency and exceeding the minimum standards of the general fashion industry and believe that this adds back value to our communities and also adds back to the environment. Two things that are very near and dear to our hearts! Every decision we make, from selecting suppliers to building new products, is made with you, workers rights and the environment all in mind.


All staff in the facilities we partner with are paid above average wages at up to three times the standard; the women working in the factory negotiate their own contracts and salaries inclusive of health insurance; something nearly totally unheard of. They also have the option to participate in a profit sharing scheme, where 5% of the factories profits are distributed monthly. The women making the hand made macrame details on the Laguna Macrame top & bottom for example, set their own schedules, deadlines and rates. These are all local family run small businesses. One of the reasons why we choose Bali when considering different locations for manufacturing was their strong tradition in crafts and tailoring and we are happy to be able to help allow that culture that they are renowned for to flourish and continue on with the next generations.


10 cents from every bikini supports the work of ROLE Foundation in Bali, Indonesia. The vision of ROLE Foundation is to support zero waste to oceans, sustainable businesses for coastal communities and women business education and development. Anve Swimwear is made with an Italian swimwear fabric that utilizes 100% regenerated nylon and polyester that is coming from taking ghost fishing nets out of the ocean. Not only does taking these ghost fishing nets out of the ocean provide a safer, cleaner environment for marine wild life it also results in a fiber that has superior resistance to degradation from chlorine, creams and sun oils.

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