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  • Heather Schantz, Creative Director

Print Design: 02 Marrakech Print

It started one day in my grandmothers house looking through old photo albums and I came across this beautiful photo of my mother. She was smiling and wearing this incredible suit that my dad had bought for her. I loved the scale of the print and how the simplicity of it felt modern and perfect even for today. The photo is located in the high desert of New Mexico and we immediately started making these connections to our research trip to Morocco for the Summer 2017 collection.

Marrakech Print

We got to work going back through all our images from the trip and started mixing up the colors in the studio to work on developing the print. The white ground provides a fresh calming effect, while the warmer nudes, apricot and deep coral are reminiscent of the landscape of Morocco. We wanted to work with watercolors for this print to give the feeling of a freshness for summer, though this is countered by the deep black as an accent, taking this palette through to autumn for the final part of the summer season and linking with the Moroc & Roll black and white tie dye print.

The final version of the print was engineered to match back to each one of the solid colors in the collection; brown sugar, rosewood & fireglow. Mix and match the pieces and colors creating your own specialized version of the collection! Check out some of our favorite photos in the gallery below...

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