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Get Lost: 01 Toscana Road Trip

A couple of weeks ago our creative director shared with us some images from her recent road trip around the Tuscan coast. We were instantly homesick for these places in the photos even if some of us have never been! It made us want to take a little soul searching road trip ourselves.

While we all love Positano and the Amalfi coast so does every other beach goer and tourist. Throughout the season the southern Italian beaches are filled to capacity and the surrounding sea is afloat with sailboats and megayachts. We were looking for something a little more wild, unspoiled and less traveled.

If you travel further north up the coast from Rome, however, you’ll find a much less crowded but equally beautiful alternative in an area you’d least expect it; Tuscany & Liguria! We all know these two regions for their romantic vineyards and art history but what is little known are the beach villages and communities that are reminiscent of southern California back in the 70's (or is it the other way around ha!). As a result, the beaches and coastline remain unspoiled, ruggedly serene, and wild. While it's beach villages retain a lazy, laid-back charm. Check out the gallery bellow for a few spots you can’t miss!

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